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• Networking

• The New economy

• Your economy

• Marketing for 2021 - 22

• Increasing sales

• Sales targets

• Kick ass closings

• Sales Numbers

• Developing a World Class Business

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When it comes to business, you need to employ the best strategies for success, and also utilize the unique resources and tools that are available to you. Do you feel that your business is successful, but you’re unsure of a strategy when it comes to growth?


It’s time to consider attending our business seminars! By attending a seminar, you’ll learn proven ways to grow your business, retain employees and how to inspire others as a leader.


Business Success and Networking is FREE to the public.

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Kick-Ass Sales

Client plus four other people. No substitutes after you submit four names. Two weekends per year; children under 16 attend for free; access to digital library, includes digital copy of two-day seminar.





























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• It’s time to realize the true vision for your business. What kind of lifestyle do you want and how much do you want to work?


• How much revenue would you like to generate? Set your goal so you know what needs to happen to get there.


• Adopt the millionaire mind-set to put you on the success track.


• Learn how your sales approach has a direct impact on your quality of life and work.


• What goals do you need to set for the short and long term? We will discuss the steps that will help you achieve those goals.

Day 1: 8 am – 4 pm

  • Meet and greet
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your business WHY?
  • What are your sales goals?
  • What is your total revenue goal?
  • What are your sales numbers?
  • Introduction
  • Success philosophy
  • 8 Impact Areas of Business Success
  • Business structure
  • Your core team
  • Millionaire Secret Success Rule
    No. 1 – Focus
  • Millionaire Secret Success Rule
    No. 2 – Time Management
  • 7 before 7
  • What are the sales and buying processes?
  • Prospects vs. Suspects
  • 6 human needs
  • WHY people buy
  • Dealing with sales objections
  • Sales success formula
  • What is your Core Story?
  • Review and FAQs


Day 2: 8 am – 4 pm

  • Intro and networking
  • Relentless marketing
  • Strategist vs. Technician
  • What is your Core Story ?
  • Global Pitch
  • 30 Second Pitch
  • 2 Minute Pitch
  • 30 Minute Sales Presentation and Close
  • 60 Minute Sales Presentation and Close
  • Top 100 A clients
  • Getting millionaire appointments
  • Business KPI’s
  • Sales KPI’s
  • Your sales team
  • Putting it all together
  • Review
  • FAQ’s


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World Class Business

Client plus four others can attend, no substitutes. Children under 16 attend at no charge. Attend 4 Kick-Ass Closings and Sales Teams.


World Class Business Mastery

8 impact areas of Business Success:











Day 2 Full Day:  8 am – 4 pm

5. Financial and Legal Analysis


  • Financial forms
  •  Balance sheet
  •  Income statement
  •  Cashflow statement
  •  Putting them all together
  • Budgeting
  • Cash reserves
  • ROI
  • Case studies


6. Contracts, Legal, Asset Protection

  • Legal
  • Limited personal liability
  • Your fortress
  • Incorporation
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate planning
  • Contracts
  •  Types
  •  Terms in contracts
  • Average costs of litigation
  • Attorney fees
  • Litigation process and time frame


7. Optimization

  • CRM
  • Business KPI’s
  • Sales KPI’s
  • System KPI’s
  • Millionaire secret no 1 – Focus
  • Millionaire secret no 2 – Time Management
  • Results-oriented focus
  • Human capital optimization
  • Financial optimization
  • Business system optimization
  • Profit drivers optimization


8. Raving Lifelong Clients

  • Create a culture of raving lifelong clients
  • Everyone focuses on raving lifelong clients
  • Factors of raving lifelong clients
  • Case studies



Day 1 Full Day: 8 am – 4 pm

1. Effective business map – plan

  • Business success mindset
  • Business leadership
  • Working on business vs. working in business
  • Your core team(s)
  • Recruiting your core team
  • Business dreams  case study Disneyworld
  • What business are you really in
  • What is your business WHY
  • What is your business vision
  • Business seasons
  • Current business conditions
  • What season are you in
  • Strategic goals and revenue


2. Constant and Strategic Innovation

  • Ways to grow a business
  • Suspect vs. Client
  • The X factor
  • Case study
  • Client KPI’s
  • Product Innovation (old, current, future)
  • Service Innovation (old, current, future)
  • Combo product and service innovation


3. Global Strategic Marketing

  • Marketing funnels
  • 7 areas of marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Case study


4. Sales Teams and Sales Closings

  • Kick-ass Sales and Sales Teams
  • Getting millionaire appointments
  • Top 100 clients
  • Recruiting right sales team
  • Sales KPI’s
  • Case studies



Effective Business


Constant and

Strategic Innovation

Global Strategic


Sales Teams and

Sales Closings

Financial Analysis


Raving Lifelong


Contracts, Legal

Asset Protection

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The world of business will never be the same. Chaos has stricken most business sales and profits due to the world being closed down; rapid change in the pace of business;  and client demand and expectations. This does not mean you have to give up and feel hopeless.


Many businesses have shut down for over a year and many have gone out of business. Other businesses that have barely survived, don’t know the next steps to recover. You can either choose the former or choose to not only survive, but thrive!


World Class Business will give you the step-by-step guide and tools to develop and master all seven areas of the major components in business.


Who is World Class Business for? Any person, business, or organization that wants to not only survive, but grow and thrive in the seven impact areas of business, including: 1) Action business plan; 2)  Constant Product and service innovation; 3) Global class marketing; 4) Kick ass Sales closings and sales machine; 5) Financial; 6) Contrcts, legal and asset protection 7) Optimization; and 8) Raving life-long client relationships.


So join us for this epic journey of immersion to increase your business in 8 impact areas attending four 2 day weekend live training sessions. Your business  will not only survive, but will thrive!

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